Warner Bros Announces New Green Lantern Movie Scheduled for 2020 Release

on October 15, 2014

Kevin Tsujihara

During a Warner Bros. investors meeting, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara announced the WB DC Comics films slate going up to the year 2020. Among the films was a new Green Lantern movie scheduled for a 2020 release.

Now to address the point all of you are wondering about. Will John Stewart be the star of this upcoming Green Lantern film? Well… we have no idea.

There is something very suspicious going on with that property. Most of the other movies announced have their stars listed with them. Jason Mamoa is confirmed as Aquaman, and Ezra Williams will be The Flash. The Shazam movie has yet to announce its star, and Green Lantern is a big question mark, as well.

For so long, Warner Bros. has been holding off on revealing the secret about how they will approach the Green Lantern franchise for their new cinematic universe. Many fans (including yours truly), have hollered out for John Stewart to be the star, especially considering the 2011 Green Lantern film featured Hal Jordan and ended up being a failure.

There are many positive reasons to make the change. First, John Stewart is already very well known to audiences from his starring role in the popular Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons. Secondly, changing the face of the Lantern for future films will help in distancing them from the 2011 flop. Third, it would be great to see more major superheroes who are Black on the big screen.

The cries for John Stewart can’t be ignored, and I’m sure they have made their way to executive ears. The only reasons I can see for WB being so secretive about Green Lantern are that they’re not sure what they’re going to do, or they’re going to do something different and are waiting for the right time to drop the news on fans. If it is just the same old stuff over again, I don’t see the point of the closed mouthed attitude they’ve been taking.

As usual, we’ll just have to sit back and wait and see what happens, as well as continue to support Green Lantern John Stewart. Click the link below for more information on this new development:
Warner Bros’ Kevin Tsujihara Outlines Major Film & TV Push Amid Cost Cuts: Time Warner Investor Day

9 responses to “Warner Bros Announces New Green Lantern Movie Scheduled for 2020 Release”

  1. Hudson Faber says:

    This is WB’s “Make-It-Or-Break-It” moment for me. If John isn’t the lead/central Green Lantern in their universe, I don’t care about their universe. I don’t want Hal. And I definitely don’t want John as a sidekick. There’s a reason he wins fan poll after fan poll. There’s a reason he’s remembered fondly. There’s a reason we’re all pushing for him. He’s the greatest–there’s no doubt about it.

    John is a rich, multi-faceted character who lends himself well to a film franchise. He’s been through it all and become better for it. If there’s something he stands for, it’s duty. Duty means means doing what you have to even when you don’t want to or even when it’s hard. It’s about taking the right path instead of the easy path. It’s about putting your foot down and sticking to your responsibilities–like a man. That’s why he is such a great role model. He never gives up. He never backs down.

    I just hope that WB sees that and makes an announcement about John soon. I’m tired of waiting on pins and needles.

    • Desh Derringer says:

      I agree with you 100%. If John isn’t the main Green Lantern, then I will boycott WB’s DC films, and all of their comics that don’t feature him. I am tired of DC mistreating the character and not giving him his due.

      • Steve Rogers says:

        If John isn’t going to be the main GL in the film, I’m also willing to boycott DC and all of their films and may stop reading their comics as a whole.

  2. Clyde says:

    So where are we now here in mid Oct of 2014? Well we know that Superman is once again Henry Cavill, Batman will be played by Ben Affleck, Wonder Woman to be played by Gal Gadot, Aquaman officially to be played by Jason Momoa, Cyborg to be played by Ray Fisher, The Flash to be played by Ezra Miller, and who am I forgetting? Oh yes that’s right, only the 4th on the depth chart behind the trinity…Green Lantern! For months now Dc / Warner Bros. has been avoiding this Green Lantern selection process like the plague. They have now casted what seems to be all the founding Justice League members except for one. The question is why? What is the hold up? Why save him for last? Why announce a GL film to drop in 2020 and not a word has been discussed on which Lantern would be used, much less the actor to play him? Are they waiting for the 2015 comic con to announce GL? Will they reboot the Hal Jordan character and use a different actor so that they could stay the course with their NEW 52 format which seems to be what they’ve done thus far? Will they go off script and bring in a game changer in John Stewart? Will they go to Hal’s back up after the failure of the 2011 film and dare go with Guy Gardner, a character whose casting will not only stun the world, but will have a backlash of epic proportions. Will they cast another unknown, or an actor that is a household name? Will the actor be a young up and coming star, or a seasoned veteran whose on screen presence will be on the same level as a Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck? When Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tweeted, John Stewart could totally whoop Superman’s a**, was that a hint that he might have the inside track on whom Warner Bros. will use? Why would Dwayne Johnson tweet that of anything in the world if it didn’t mean something? Although I’d like to see Idris Elba as the Lantern, Warner Bros. may just continue the trend of keeping things younger and more unknown. Either way its only a matter of time until we find out the casting of both Shazam as well as Green Lantern.

    P.S. Desh you’ve put in so much of your time and heart into this site, not just for yourself, but for others who are like minded, you did it for the corps. and you especially did to bring exposure and light to John Stewart. If DC / Warner Bros. doesn’t cast him as THE Lantern moving forward, I read what you said you would do, but I could only imagine that it would feel as bad as going to the superbowl 4 straight years in a row like the Buffalo Bills and losing all of them. Or as bad as being undefeated all season long and then losing in the superbowl like the Patriots against NYG.

    P.P.S. As much as I’m so excited to see all of these characters come to life, I don’t know if I will be as willing to be supportive should John Stewart be left on the bench. I feel as though you have been John Stewart’s campaign manager and me and others have been the advocates to get out and vote and now we’re on the verge of a major election. Although John leads in the polls, the establishment wants Hal by any means necessary and will do whatever possible to get him elected just like Bush stole the 2000 election from Al Gore here in the states. Your thoughts…

    • Steve Rogers says:

      I think Hal fans were trying to suggest that Dwayne’s comment about playing as John Stewart is proof that John isn’t going to be the GL. But when you think about it, if Dwayne did mentioned that he told DC/WB that he wants to play John, it’s possible that DC is looking for an actor to play that role and Dwayne Johnson offered to play that part. Why would he have a meeting with WB and mention John’s Stewart name out of nowhere? There may be talks about John Stewart.

    • Desh Derringer says:

      Thanks a lot for the encouraging words, Clyde.We need to stand up against what DC has had a history of doing with John Stewart because it is wrong, and has a strong tinge of racism. They’ve got a Black hero who has gotten over with audiences and they have a problem with it because he’s not the 1950s White version. That is some of the most regressive, backwards thinking I’ve ever heard of. If people want the Black one, they should give them that and be proud that they own the rights to such a beloved Black superhero. It’s that simple.

      I’m sure someone like Geoff Johns will argue that it’s not racism, it’s about staying true to “the source.” Well, about that. “The source” was created a looooooooong time ago in a highly racist society, for a highly racist audience, when people who look like John Stewart had to sit in the back of buses and drink out of “special” water fountains away from the normal ones, simply because of how they looked. We’ve still got ways in which we can improve (as this whole situation attests to), but thankfully, these are not those times anymore.

      The world has moved on. “The source” is a relic from a considerably more ignorant time. It is possible to do better than “the source,” as Bruce Timm proved, and EVERYONE LOVED IT! WB did a movie more closely based on “the source,” and EVERYONE HATED IT.

      It’s 2014. Green Lantern is Black. People are cool with that. Regressing back to some ancient stuff because of misguided “tradition” is stupid. We need to move forward and not backward. Get with the program DC/WB. Your audience already has!

      But thanks for the encouragement, Clyde. It’s an honor knowing that you’re confident with me being somewhat of a representative on certain issues. I feel if we don’t make ourselves heard, DC/WB will just continue screwing us over.

      They haven’t dumped Hal Jordan yet, but they’ve also been building up John Stewart. He has a much better role in the comics now and he’s appearing in more media. I really hope he’s used in Bruce Timm’s upcoming “Gods and Monsters” film. I have a strong feeling John will keep rising.

  3. Clyde says:

    This is the moment that fans has been waiting for. With all the members of the League having been cast except for one crucial member, Warner Bros. and especially DC Entertainment had best tread lightly. Now all of social media will not only be discussing all the casting and upcoming films, but everyone will be questioning why there is a GL film in 2020 and no actor yet to play him; and the next question will be which Lantern will be used. No more ducking and hiding DC / Warner Bros., you all have one more character to answer for and if you all thought that casting Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot was controversial, see what’s happens if once again you stick with your great white hope…Hal Jordan. Why can’t the masses see that John is by far the best choice? John is a former U.S. Marine and architect. His constructs would be much more imaginative and creative than the likes of Hal. John is a trained solider prepared for battle. And you need that moving forward in the cinematic universe with Brainiac & Darkseid as the villains moving forward. We’ve seen his leadership ability. We’ve seen how great of a strategist he is. In the league animated series he organized a training exercise to get the team to work together. What did Hal do in JL: WAR…oh yeah that’s right, he was a complete douche bag and an a**hole. And get this, who’s Hal’s immediate back up…an even bigger a**hole than he is in Guy Gardner if that’s even possible. Hal went the same route as Sinestro and slipped on that yellow ring of fear, his back up slipped on that red ring of rage. The last time I checked, both the yellow and red lanterns are direct enemies of the green lanterns. Meanwhile when John and Kyle slipped on other rings, John took the indigo compassion ring and Kyle took the white ring for life. So what does that tell us comic book nerds much less the wider viewing audience, not only should John be the main Lantern, but Kyle is worthy enough to be his back up, while Hal and Guy should just stay with the other Lantern corps. and just be villains; and as for Simon Baz, that’s just a joke and an insult to the middle eastern community. I’m not even from that culture and I’m highly offended at Simon Baz origin story arc. I don’t even acknowledge Simon as a Green Lantern or even as a character in the DC universe; but I must digress. Back to Hal Jordan…..Hal destroyed the corps. and killed the guardians, while Kyle resurrected it and John was a guardian in the mosiac. Please could someone tell me how Hal is more qualified to be THE Lantern moving forward? He never listens to Carol Ferris while he was in the plane, he never listens to the guardians when he’s instructed to do something, even the Justice League team thinks he’s a horse’s a**. He’s counterproductive for the overall well being of a team and a corps. and yet we’ve seen over and over again that John Stewart is an impact player. Even Vandale Savage in the animated cartoon gave props to John by stating that he was the hardest to defeat. Do you hear that world, Vandale “the immortal one” Savage stated that even over DC’s holy trinity, that John Stewart gave him his toughest challenge. There’s absolutely no possible reasoning that DC Entertainment could tell audiences of why they would reboot the Hal Jordan character, when clearly John has a better track record and resume.

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