Phil LaMarr and Neal Adams Added to Notable Creators Section

on October 4, 2013

There are new additions to the Notable Creators section. is proud to honor two amazingly talented individuals who have played huge, unforgettable roles in crafting the ongoing legend of Green Lantern John Stewart. First up is The Voice of John Stewart…

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr

“One of the most fascinating traits of John Stewart is how he feel like he’s lost touch with humanity after being out in deep space for ten years. Upon returning to Sector 2814, and Earth specifically, it feels as alien to him as many of the foreign worlds he explored when among the stars. This isn’t lost on Phil LaMarr…”

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And The Creator of John Stewart…

Neal Adams

Neal Adams

“Thank you so much, Neal Adams. I wish there were more comic creators and officials who are like you. If so, this industry would likely be much more accessible, progressive, open minded, and successful.”

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That’s it for this time, Lantern Fans! Keep your rings lit and…
See you next mission!