Justice League vs Bizarro League DTV Movie Announced… Sans Hal Jordan

on November 11, 2014

Justice League vs. Bizarro League

This news isn’t about John Stewart per se, but it relates to him in a roundabout way, and I have some thoughts about it. There is an upcoming direct to video film titled LEGO Justice League vs Bizarro League. You can view the trailer below.

Honestly, I have little interest in this movie itself. What does interest me, however, is Hal Jordan is not present, but rather, Guy Gardner appears as the Green Lantern in this film. What does this mean?

Ultimately, I believe it is a sign of WB playing coy again about exactly what they’re going to do in regards to Green Lantern in the cinematic universe. Let’s address the big questions.

Do I think this means the cinematic Green Lantern will be Guy Gardner?
No. DC and WB have been pushing their multiverse concept lately. Instead of rigidly making all media conform to a certain norm, as they did a few years ago, I think they’re loosening up and letting creators do what they want, and explaining differences in interpretations away with the concept of parallel universes. Thus, all of these various events are ‘valid,’ but they take place in different realities. I believe this is a reason why Guy Gardner is there.

What do I think Guy Gardner’s presence in this film means for John Stewart?
I think it drastically increases the chances of John Stewart being the Green Lantern in Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett’s upcoming animated film, Justice League: Gods and Monsters. Gardner’s presence in this Lego DTV movie is significant because it shows that the Green Lantern does not always have to be Hal Jordan in related media anymore. DC and WB are not 100% behind that incarnation of Green Lantern and are now open to the idea of exploring other options for cartoons, video games, and films. As such, even though the Green Lantern here is not John Stewart, this event is still a MASSIVE victory for John Stewart fans.

There are other events that are very important concerning this recent development.
Remember that Target exclusive DTV movie that came out last year, JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time? If so, you may have noticed that Hal Jordan is mysteriously absent.

JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time

There was likely a very good reason for not using Jordan. Leaving him out probably wasn’t just something to do. I believe that was one of the first signs that WB is changing gears and reconsidering how they present Green Lantern to audiences.

But you may be thinking, “Wait a minute, Desh. Hal Jordan will still be appearing in the upcoming Throne of Atlantis DTV and also the Lego Batman 3 video game.”

I have some thoughts about both of those, too. First, I’ll address Throne of Atlantis. It is my speculation that Hal Jordan will leave the Justice League in that movie, which would align with his departure in the New 52 Justice League comics. I don’t think the “Graves” arc from the comics will be adapted into a DTV, so instead of Jordan leaving during that story, he may leave during Throne of Atlantis, thus making way for a new Green Lantern. Above, I claimed that the Target exclusive DTV was one of the earliest signs of WB reconsidering their approach to Green Lantern, but I believe the first was Hal Jordan’s departure from the Justice League comics. Again, I doubt that was just something the creators did just because.

Regarding Lego Batman 3, John Stewart is actually in that game. This shows that WB is not keeping other Lanterns out of it so they can promote Hal Jordan as THE Green Lantern. Also, take a look at the cover of Lego Batman 3.

Lego Batman 3 Cover

We see Batman and the other heroes typically associated with the League (plus Robin) and waaaaaay in the background, Hal Jordan is a tiny speck. Coincidence? I think not.

Speaking of cover art, let’s consider the covers for Justice League: War, and Throne of Atlantis.

Justice League War Cover
Green Lantern Figure


I think there are signs that WB is consciously moving away from that character, just like how it was abundantly clear when they were totally supporting him. If you remember DC Comics in the late 2000s or so, DC often even tried promoting Hal Jordan over Wonder Woman as part of their iconic Trinity of heroes. Now, WB won’t even let him appear on the box art of cartoon films he’s in.

My thoughts about all these issues are that certain creators are not allowed to use Hal Jordan, because WB is steering things away from him, but others may not be allowed to use John Stewart yet. DC and Warner Bros. may be holding off on totally going full throttle with John Stewart until they are ready, which may be in 2015. When asked if a Green Lantern will return to the Justice League comics, Geoff Johns, the writer, had this to say.

IGN: Cool. It looks like she’s sort of taking the place of Green Lantern. Are we going to see a Green Lantern proper come back?

Johns: Eventually, yes, you will. I can’t say when and who, but yes.


There is obviously a lot of intentional mystery surrounding the future of the Green Lantern franchise right now. I know all of this isn’t just my imagination. It also seems like DC is holding off on doing something with John and with Green Lantern in general, especially going by Geoff Johns’ quote. I believe how WB will handle Green Lantern in the cinematic universe is the source of all this mystery.

Most of this is speculation, but with good cause. I, of course, make no claims as to know exactly what will happen, but I will say this much:

NONE OF THE MOVES WB IS MAKING ARE TO THE BENEFIT OF THE HAL JORDAN CHARACTER. This weird enigmatic element surrounding Green Lantern does not support the idea that Hal Jordan will be the Green Lantern of the cinematic universe. It doesn’t support the idea that he will be the future Green Lantern to join the Justice League in the comics. Using Hal Jordan would just be business as usual, because DC and WB have made him the status quo for the last eight years. If they’re going to keep with that course, why the mystery? Why all these strange actions? Hal Jordan is now not being included in box art, or placed way in the back, he’s absent from DTV cartoons, whereas DC/WB used to use him whenever they could, and John Stewart was recently featured as the Green Lantern in the Smallville Universe, something that probably wouldn’t have happened had that story been written in 2010 or so.

I think the future is looking brighter than ever, John Stewart fans! I suspect 2015 will be the year John Stewart totally breaks out and all of this is cleared up. I think DC Comics and Warner Bros. have been patiently and steadily building him up in the Green Lantern Corps comics in an effort to win the comic reading audience over with the character before they decide to strongly push him in other media again.

If so, that is a wise course of action to take, as it would hopefully lessen the massive conflict of interests between the general audience and hardcore comic readers that has plagued Green Lantern for over a decade. Much of the problems with the franchise are due to the general audience knowing and wanting one character, but DC Comics and many of the hardcore Green Lantern comic fans wanting another.

Am I onto something, or is this all in my head? What are your speculations?
Post your thoughts on these interesting issues in the comments section below!

11 responses to “Justice League vs Bizarro League DTV Movie Announced… Sans Hal Jordan”

  1. Hudson Faber says:

    Thanks for synthesizing all of these ideas together, Desh! The noticeable lack of Hal Jordan has to mean something–let’s just hope DC drops more info about John soon.

    • Desh Derringer says:

      You’re welcome! I’ve been following the landscape of things pretty closely this past year and a half or so, and I’m seeing a pattern here. It was fun to finally put it all together in an article. Thanks for reading!

  2. Clyde says:

    Desh you have a very good analytical view of what’s happening and I don’t think that you’re crazy for making such allegations. You actually remind me of “The Question” from the Justice League extended member team. And what I mean by that is…you put in the work and connect all the dots, some view you as a conspiracy theorist crackpot, and some are scared because your ensight reveals the truth that Lex Luthor will become president. lol. And then there’s the people who follow you on this site who also is doing some digging and who will back up the truth and when it comes down to John Stewart, no matter how much the powers that be treat John like he’s Jaime Foxx’s “Django”, John Stewart will rise like Maya Angelu’s “Still I Rise”.

    P.S. In my imaginative version of the birth of the DC Universe story leading into the DCCU; the backstory goes something like this…bare in mind that this is the past events that lead into my vision for the sequel to the Green Lantern reboot. So to everyone who reads this, enjoy.

  3. Clyde says:

    Paragraph 1: The universe’s oldest living beings/entities were known as the Guardians of the universe originally born and raised on a planet named Maltus, prior to relocating to a centrally located planet in the universe named Oa. Since the Guardians were the 1st original beings in the universe, they were given vast intelligence and skills to be able to explore the universe the way that a newborn child witnesses all that’s around them for the first time. One particular Guardian named Krona wasn’t satisfied with just being given all these special abilities, he wanted to know all there was to know about the creation process. So he built a machine that was able to take him back in time to the period in which the hand of creation began all things. The act of being a witness was forbidden, and for his curiosity, Krona’s physical body was taken away from him and he was transformed into pure energy. His transformation occured during the process of what we all know as the big bang of the universe. The big bang was caused by his disruption of the hand of creation’s genesis sequence. So instead of a singular universe being formed, the big bang created an expansion of identical universes. As Krona was transported back to his original time, he was still able to think and communicate through telepathy only, but that was the only thing he was able to do without physical form. In addition to the big bang explosion creating multiverses it had also created a variation of color crystal spectrum assortment in which the modern day interpretation of it would look like a rainbow. While Krona’s energy was blended into these color crystal assortments and then was scattered to a particular part of universe prime known as the star cluster of the Pleiades; his consciousness and emotions were blended into the colors crystals. The color Red represented his rage. The color Orange represented his greed. The color Yellow represented his fear. The color Green represented his willpower. The color Blue represented his hope. The color Indigo represented his compassion; and the color Violet represented his love.

  4. Clyde says:

    Paragraph 2: The Guardians had felt bad for Krona, and thought that this was an extreme way for the hand of creation to teach him a lesson when Krona allowed himself to let curiosity get the best of him. So the Guardians went to the Pleiades, and went to the seven gaseous star formations known as the seven sisters to retrieve each of Krona’s emotional crystal colors of the spectrum. Each color crystal was contained into a separate lantern and was transported back to Oa. The Guardians took each lantern into a lab where they worked tirelessly on trying to bring Krona back. After quite a bit of time experimenting, one of the Guardians known as “Dawlakispokpok” forged all the crystals together creating a White crystal color of the spectrum known as life. This action had brought Krona back, but it wasn’t exactly the same Krona that they knew before his disembodiment. Krona came back with heightened emotional senses and he craved more knowledge and power than ever before, but he knew that the only way he could achieve this would be to eliminate is fellow Guardian brothers/sisters. Krona figured that if all the lantern color crystals combined had brought him back to life, he needed to figure out a way to do the opposite in order to dispose of the other Guardians. So Krona remembered that during the big bang when he was still in energy form, that one of the things he detected was an intense amount of heat. Krona had taken all the combined crystal colors of the spectrum (White) and had applied fire to it which turned it Black. Since energy could neither be killed or destroyed, Krona stumbled upon a new color crystal of the spectrum. The absence of all colors…the color Black representing death! Krona used this as a tool to launch a war on the Guardians in order to eliminate them all.

  5. Clyde says:

    Paragraph 3:When Dawlakispokpok figured out what Krona was planning, (by virtue of Krona talking to himself like Gallum in “Lord of the rings” as it related to his precious),he was enraged that after all that he’d done to revive Krona, that he would turn his back on his people and try to kill them all. Ganthet (a member of the Guardians), and the other Guardians wanted to believe that Krona was just going through emotional distress and that all he needed was therapy, because he was the only being/entity that was ever dematerialized and then brought back. Meanwhile Dawlakispokpok felt as though Krona needed to pay dearly for his betrayal and there was no excuse for his actions. Against the wishes of the rest of the Guardians, Dawlakispokpok went rogue and plotted to dispose of Krona. The Guardians wanted rehabilitation, but Dawlakispokpok felt that Krona was too far gone and needed to be put down. With the power that Krona possessed, harnessing the Black crystal color and containing it into a lantern, he waged war against the Guardians and ultimately killed many Guardian members. Ganthet had now realized that Dawlakispokpok was right and that Krona needed to be stopped, however Dawlakispokpok had something more extreme in mind. He wanted to know what would happen if he forged all 9 crystal colors together and then heated it, and what he discovered was astonishing. What came from it was the creation of a new metal that was the first of its kind in the universe, and didn’t even appear on the periodic table. Since it needed a name…Dawlakispokpok decided to call it the 9th metal (or in today’s DC’s term…the Nth metal) since it used all 9 primary color crystals to forge such a metal.

  6. Clyde says:

    Paragraph 4: This new metal was very light, durable, and strong. It also had very unique properties which at the time the Guardians hadn’t yet discovered. Dawlakispokpok used this new metal to go after Krona and used its abilities to counteract the Black crystal properties. While Krona had succeeded in killing Dawlakispokpok with the black crystal, Dawlakispokpok was also successful in having the metal engulf Krona like the “pigs in a blanket” appitizer. Krona looked like Han Solo in “Star Wars: Empire Strikes back” frozen in carbonite. With the threat having been neutralized at the expense of the loss of lives of the Guardians, Ganthet and the rest of the surviving Guardians had decided that this power that Krona & Dawlakispokpok had discovered couldn’t be trusted in the possession of any Guardian, for should in case any other Guardian goes rogue. So the Guardians built special artificial intelligence robots known to the modern day comicbook reader as the “Manhunters” and had sent them on a mission to dispurse each of the crystal colored lanterns across the different sectors of the universe as far apart from each other as possible. However so that the Guardians weren’t left defenseless and empty handed, they kept one of the crystal colored lanterns. It was a color that was right in the middle of the color spectrum. A color that would prove to be more stable and the least likely to corrupt its user as Krona was corrupted. This color was the color Green, and the Guardians used this color to become a free energy resource to fuel and make the central core of planet Oa attainable for many millennia.

  7. Clyde says:

    Paragraph 5: The Manhunters had taken the various crystal lanterns to different sectors of the universe. Of the most powerful lanterns, the black and white were cast into places where it would be nearly impossible to retrieve. The Black crystal lantern was cast into a super massive black hole in the center of universe prime, while the White crystal lantern was cast into the brightest sun star in the outer rim of universe prime. The Guardians made sure that the Manhunters wouldn’t tell them where they placed each of the lanterns, so that way the knowledge wouldn’t tempt any Guardian. So once the Manhunters got rid of all the lanterns, their memories were erased and no one would have knowledge of where to find any of the lanterns. And as for the Nth metal, it ended up ironically in the Pleiades where the Guardians had initially had found all the crystal colors of the spectrum initially. The reason why the Pleiades plays an important part of the origins story as it relates to the Nth metal, is by virtue of the planet that lies in it. The planet Thanagar!

    • Desh Derringer says:

      That’s an interesting take on how to reboot the Green Lantern franchise. There’s a ton of mythology and back story there. Some say that one of the things that caused the 2011 film to do so poorly was that it had too much expository mythology throne in. The Green Lantern mythology is really fascinating, so it’s easy to go on and on about it, but I’d probably simplify things a lot, myself.

      The Guardians of the Universe are some of the oldest beings in existence, they harnessed a powerful energy source, and with it, they created a Corps of intergalactic peace keepers to uphold justice and defend life throughout the cosmos. They had a previous force of androids called Manhunters that was ultimately a failed project. I think that is all I would hit the audience with in the first film. I’d leave the Emotional Spectrum completely out of it. I would get into deeper stuff, like Krona and the creation of the universe in the next film. I would really be wary of giving the audience too much to digest in the first film.

      For the first film, I think I’d use the Manhunters as villains and use Evil Star as a sub-antagonist. Evil Star would be a single criminal that John starts out chasing across space, and eventually the Corps gets involved in a bigger fight with the Manhunters. Or something like that. Interestingly, I haven’t really thought about how I’d handle a Green Lantern reboot. Perhaps I’ll think about it and write an article about it.

      Thanks for sharing, though, Clyde!

      • Clyde says:

        Thank you for taking the time to read everything. I couldn’t agree with you more. As I wrote my own imaginative version summary, I realized that wow, there is so much material for the Green Lantern corps. that its not even funny. I agree that the biggest reason the 2011 film failed was because the makers of the film tried to cram too much into it at once. Honestly, this story would have to be done in a trilogy, the way that “Lord of the rings” did. And even with how good the trilogy was. there was still room for a prequel back story. Desh what you and I have discovered through careful analysis, is that unlike the other DC heroes that are more focused on Earth, the Green Lantern is a large group of space cops. Their origins goes far back to almost the beginning of time. Because of the fact the the Lantern corps. covers the entire universe, how do you possibly tell a story so massive in a 2 – 2.5 hour film?

        By the way I’m still working on the present day tie in with the Thanagarians, Green Lantern corps. and also the Manhunters. I haven’t completed it yet due to me trying to get over a cold/severe allergies so I’ve been in and out of medicated sleep.Thus far I have finished the first paragraph summary. Just to give you a seek peak into what to expect…The Guardians will deploy the Lanterns to Thanagar to seize control of the Nth metal. John Stewart disagrees with the guardians that sending in too many Lanterns to Thanagar makes it look like a hostile visit. So John wants to take a small team of six to the planet. John will lead the team and accompanying him will be Arisia, Kilowog, Laira, Tomar Re, and Guy Gardner. Hawkman will be the leader of the military forces on Thanagar, and Shayera will be his second in command and his pre-arranged future wife. There will be brief discussion of Katma Tui and the whereabouts of one Hal Jordan. While John leads his team in space, the Guardians send Kyle Rayner to substitute in on the Justice League team.

        • Desh Derringer says:

          I like the idea of bringing the Thanagarians in. It’s not at all a stretch that they would cross paths with the Corps, and I’d really love to see Green Lantern and Hawkgirl’s relationship.

          I’d personally leave the other Earth Lanterns out, so as not to try to over reach and do too much again. I really liked how JL/JLU had John and they basically stuck with him and only him. It is really goofy to have so many Green Lanterns from Sector 2814 all at the same time.

          I understand the situation the comics are in. They’ve been going on for about 70 years (albeit not constantly), and over that length of time, things like that are going to happen in a narrative. But I wouldn’t repeat things by stuffing all these human Lanterns into the films.

          I hope you get better soon.

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