John Stewart Injustice 2 Skin and Gameplay Revealed

on May 13, 2017

The premier skins for the fighting video game Injustice 2 have been revealed. John Stewart is included, along with Powergirl and Reverse Flash. These skins will be available as downloadable content to those who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition of Injustice 2. Have a look at them below:

John Stewart has a surprisingly excellent design and model, which is a large step up from his appearance in the original Injustice game, in my opinion. What’s more, he will have his own unique lines and interactions with characters instead of saying the same things Hal Jordan does. That said, aside from those features, John Stewart is just a different skin for Hal Jordan and controls the same. Likewise, Powergirl is a different skin for Supergirl. At this point, I am not sure whether these characters will have their own endings for the arcade mode.

While it is cool that John is present, looking awesome, and available to be played as from the get-go, it’s still a bummer that he is given secondary status. It isn’t surprising, however, as DC has made it very clear that’s the best we can hope for from this character. For the foreseeable future, scraps, slim pickings, second class status, and Hal Jordan’s leavings are all you’re going to get, John Stewart fan.

To ease that blow a bit, Phil LaMarr of Justice League fame return to voice John in this new game. Hearing him as John Stewart instantly took me back to better days for the character, giving me the urge to bust out my Justice League DVDs and remind myself why I ever bothered becoming a fan of Green Lantern. You can have a look at gameplay featuring John in the Youtube video below:

Injustice 2 will be released for Playstation 4 and Xbox one on May 16.

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5 responses to “John Stewart Injustice 2 Skin and Gameplay Revealed”

  1. Steve Rogers says:

    It’s been a while Desh. I’ve been super busy with my life and dealing with everyday issues. I read all your articles and listened to your podcast on YouTube. I deeply appreciate for you taking the time to publish your articles and podcasts, Desh.

    John Stewart costume does look good on Injustice 2. He has a good looking face model as well. I don’t like the secondary status, either. Although I am more appreciative that he’s in the game rather than Kyle, Guy, Jessica and the Muslim character. Having Phil LaMarr being the voice actor is nice to have, but it just doesn’t ease my disappointment of John being the secondary character. Phil LaMarr is quite a popular voice actor, who’s known to play John Stewart, who became the most popular Green Lantern at the time. It’s like having him play secondary voice acting role, just because Hal Jordan is in the forefront. I don’t like that at all. To me it probably would have been better to have a different lesser known voice actor to play John. Because as of now, it’s sort of an insult to Phil LaMarr and the fans. I would only use Phil LaMarr if John is the main Green Lantern here. He would be the ideal guy to use in the Young Justice series as an example. That makes sense because John had a role in the series over Hal Jordan. That’s just my personal opinion.

    • Neil Allen says:

      Hello again, Steve. It’s good to see you again. Yep, I’m still putting out content, and I’m really happy you enjoy it. Most of my efforts online are going toward working on my own comic project, which will honestly be debuting right around the corner. I’m just polishing some things up with the website now. If you’re upset at the treatment of John Stewart at DC, I think you’ll enjoy what I have in store.

      Like I said in this article, I think what we’re seeing now is as good as things are going to get for John Stewart for the foreseeable future. There are just too many Green Lanterns contending for limited screen time, and John has never been a strong favorite of anybody behind the scenes, so he’s not going to go very far. My expectations for that character are extremely low.

      • Steve Rogers says:

        Have you talked to any publishers about your project? That would be cool if they knew about it. Looking forward to it.

        I no longer read any comics from DC anymore. I don’t think I’ll ever read green lantern comics again, until John is in the forefront. That certainly won’t happen anytime soon. And if it does happen, that would be likely due to people behind the scenes either left for other gigs or got fired. I never understood Geoff Johns intentions. It’s like he doesn’t think in a business perspective.

        I keep hearing that the current sales of Green Lanterns and Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps aren’t doing well. In fact, someone told me it’s very low in sales. I wonder what’s the reason behind it? The franchise been popular for quite a while now, but now it’s not the same anymore. Would you blame most of it on Geoff Johns? It’s logical that he’s the reason behind all of this.

        • Neil Allen says:

          No, I have not talked to any publishers about my project, and I haven’t made any effort to. The comic will be self published.

          I don’t read DC Comics anymore, either, and have an odd relationship with John Stewart. I, too, won’t go back to Green Lantern unless John is front and center. And he probably never will be, so that’s that. And at this point, I’m totally okay with that.

          I don’t have time for lame black heroes anymore, and I think those are the only black heroes DC Comics knows how to do. John Stewart is a bootlicker who is buried somewhere in Hal Jordan’s title, and behind Hal Jordan in general, who I don’t have any interest in… so, again … ain’t nobody got time fa’ that.

          • Steve Rogers says:

            Lol I’m with you on that. I’m moving on as well. I’ll tell any John Stewart fan to just move on. DC is just a waste of time. That’s why their sales sucks.

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