John Stewart Confirmed For Green Lantern Corps Film

on January 12, 2017

WB has finally released worthwhile information about the Green Lantern Corps film scheduled to hit theaters in 2020. To cut to the quick, it is confirmed to be a Hal Jordan and John Stewart film, as many expected, described as “Lethal Weapon in space.”

According to Deadline.Com:

“They’ve set David Goyer to write the script with Justin Rhodes for Green Lantern Corps, with Goyer producing and with DC heads Geoff Johns and Jon Berg exec producing.

The focus will be on two characters: Hal Jordan and John Stewart. The latter is an African American Marine sniper before he joined the Lantern Corps and the story very much focuses on his relationship with Jordan and the Corps. The story was conceived by Goyer and Johns.”

Readers may know that my positive feelings toward Green Lantern, John Stewart, and DC Comics in general have dissipated, so the question is does this news reinvigorate my interest in them? The answer is “no,” and I have a couple of reasons why.

First of all, the DC Cinematic Universe (or DCEU as I believe WB likes to call it) is an utter joke that I have no interest in. All of the movies that have been a part of it have been abominable, and I don’t care to see more.

Also, I don’t trust any of the people that have been mentioned to be working on this project. Geoff Johns and David Goyer are the ones who presented Blade the Vampire Hunter as an asexual who steadily got the focus moved off him in favor of white characters, initially Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel in the (terrible) third film, and then some white woman in the Blade TV show. While you can argue that Blade wouldn’t be much without Goyer backing him, and you’d probably even be right, that still doesn’t mean his usage of the character, or the films themselves, are laudable.

Black characters are very, very rarely presented as what I call 100% heroes. They are often one half a hero, three fourths a hero if you’re lucky, and usually much less. What I mean by this is that they rarely get what real heroes in fiction get, which is to be the focus, to save the day, and to get love stories and worthwhile characterization.

I moved away from John Stewart because I realized he will never be a 100% hero, and I’m done settling for less. Goyer and Johns have track records of presenting black heroes as… I’d say 37% heroes at best. Their black characters are frequently overshadowed by white ones, even when the black characters are supposed to be the focus (again, see the Blade TV show). In Geoff Johns’ run of Green Lantern, John Stewart is about a 7% hero. With the presence of Hal Jordan in this upcoming Green Lantern Corps film, things are set up perfectly for John Stewart to yet again be a… oh 40% hero at best. I guarantee he will not be a 100% hero.

I don’t have time for that stuff anymore. I set off to work on my own project, ZATSWAN: MULTIVERSAL GUARDIAN, to make things the way I’d like to see them, because I realized waiting for a bunch of white guys–who have no interest in seeing what I’d like–to make something that would truly satisfy me would just cause me to continually throw my hands in the air in frustration.

I am of the view that a character like John Stewart is a trap, because I will never be satisfied with him, and I will not be going back to him, ever. As Zatswan comes out, and readers can see more of it for themselves, I think my position will make more sense to them. Why bother with John Stewart, a 35% hero at best, when you can have a better character in a better story who is a 100% hero?

That said, if you still want to be into John Stewart, that’s fine. If you’re okay with him being a 35% hero, constantly shoved behind white characters, in a white franchise overcrowded with characters vying for attention, being written and controlled by a bunch of white guys who definitely don’t have his best interest in mind, more power to you. But if I see you on a message board or in a comments section somewhere complaining about the situation, while monetarily supporting it, you will lose credibility in my eyes, because that’s what you signed up for. You would only have yourself to blame for continuously sticking with that arrangement and supporting it.

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  1. PadThai2 says:

    Good luck with your comic! I read the summary of the upcoming film and it’s gonna be a garbage fire compared to Black Panther. I try not to judge before watching but come on these two have a bad track record.

    • Desh Derringer says:

      Thanks a lot. I always appreciate your encouragement, Pad.

      By the way, for Sodam Yat at CBR… Those admins banned me from that forum (unsurprisingly), so I’ll answer your question here. You said this…

      “It’s really nice to see you again, Desh on these forums. Thanks for the clarifications about being a 35% hero. What IF DC announced John gets his own solo book. Would you be more optimistic on DC’s relationship with John Stewart and would he be considered a 100% hero by then?”

      This is my answer…

      First, it was nice seeing you again, too, and no, my interest wouldn’t increase, and I don’t think I’d read/buy a new John Stewart solo book if one was to come out. I’d have to hear it’s, like, the best thing ever for it to really get my attention. But I think I’m done with the character and have moved on to other things, which is definitely for the best for me.

      In the article that you linked to, I said that I see John Stewart as a trap. They (meaning DC) may do something you like with him for a little while (example being Van Jensen’s run), but from experience, they always go back to shoving him in the background (example being more or less now), and like I said, I’m done with wondering if the character will get the rug pulled out from under him, and being on pins and needles with him constantly.

      It’s just… uh… not a healthy way to enjoy fiction, in my opinion, which is kinda’ a funny thing to say. There are plenty of other characters that Green Lantern can focus on, meaning that John Stewart pretty much has to constantly “fight with” A BUNCH of other characters for the spotlight, and usually lose… and like I said above… I’m just… done dealing with all that stuff. I’d like to get into fiction where I don’t have to wonder if the publishers/writers/whoever are behind the characters that I like. Where I have trust in the people behind the scenes.

      • PadThai2 says:

        It’s astounding when you think about it, Desh. I mean, even if John’s the star they just couldn’t help but put Hal in the movie. When Hal was the star that most people did not ask for, did John show up? Fuck no! Combine that with the writer of such classics as BvS and the same guy who helped mess up the first movie and turned GL into a dull, boring, chore of serious and it’s not a good look. I mean, it’s amazing that with movies like The Force Awakens and it’s upcoming sequel or the rumors of Octavia Butler getting her works adapted into film that they keep doing this but par for the course for Hollywood. Concrete Park couldn’t even get turned into a film because it wasn’t “marketable” enough but Lethal Weapon in Space is a guaranteed hit? Come on.

        • Kal says:

          But it doesn’t seem like he is going to be the star, the Deadline report clearly says it is supposed to focus on both Jordan and him. What I also find interesting is that judging by the description, sounds like the movie is going to be some sort of partial John Stewart origin story, which basically confirms that if a Green Lantern does appear in a Justice League movie before GLC, it simply can’t “not” be Hal Jordan since John Stewart hasn’t become a Green Lantern yet. Almost sounds kind of strategic. lol Oh well, hopefully turns out better than last time but as pointed out, the DC movies haven’t exactly been impressing people that much so far. Good luck to Desh with his project.

          • Desh Derringer says:

            Thank you for the encouragement.

            With Geoff Johns in charge, I’d bet that Hal Jordan will be introduced in the DCEU before John Stewart. Even whole movies before. My intuition tells me that he thinks that is vitally important.

        • Desh Derringer says:

          I have to wonder if Geoff Johns didn’t have such a powerful position, if Hal Jordan would have a strong role in the film. I could see the execs wanting to move on from Hal Jordan (I doubt they’re especially partial to him, and they would have a lot of reasons to want to use another character), but Johns would be doing his damndest to keep Hal Jordan present in a big way. Just a musing on my part. I, of course, don’t really know.

          I didn’t know there were discussions about making Concrete Park a film. That’s a real bummer things didn’t pan out, I wouldn’t be surprised if the amount of black characters in that frightened execs. Especially with the black characters taking on action roles. Perhaps if you put black men in dresses and women’s make up and turned the whole thing into a buffoonish comedy, the execs would get behind it. Or just keep everything the same, but turn the characters white.

          • PadThai2 says:

            Yeah. I met the creators of Concrete Park last year and read an interview by them (think it was on The Mary Sue). Originally, they had wanted Concrete Park to be a movie but they could not get anyone to buy the script. So it got turned into a comic instead. Have you read it? I have the first two volumes and would like to read more of them when I have enough money to spend on such things.

          • Desh Derringer says:

            Sorry for the late reply. I haven’t read Concrete Park, but I’ve looked into it and am planning to. It looks really cool and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

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