Green Lantern May Not Appear in DC Cinematic Universe Until Justice League 2 or Later

on March 4, 2016

I have bad news for fans who were hoping to see John Stewart as soon as possible on the big screen. Apparently, Green Lantern won’t be appearing in the DC Cinematic Universe until perhaps the second Justice League movie. Greg Silverman, Warner Bros. president of creative development and worldwide production, and producer Charles Roven addressed the character that has been the subject of much speculation and debate among comic book fans. Here is an excerpt from an Entertainment Weekly article:

“[Green Lantern] is an incredible character. He’s actually multiple incredible characters,” Silverman says. “There’s real opportunity there. We didn’t do a great job on that first Green Lantern movie. This is a character who deserves to be treated in the same way that Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman are being treated now, which is with great reverence. I guess I can say to the Green Lantern fans: if they can be patient with us, I think they’ll be really happy.”

But how patient? Rovens says we may not see Hal Jordan, John Stewart, or any incarnation of Green Lantern until Justice League – Part Two. Maybe. “Every beat of the movie is not yet worked out. So there’s the possibility that he may or may not be in Justice League 2,” the producer says. “For now, we felt that we were introducing enough characters that the best possible place we could put Green Lantern is some introduction in Justice League 2, or barring that, a movie after.”

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It seems the reason Green Lantern hasn’t been mentioned much by Warner Bros. is simply because it’s not a priority right now. No doubt this is due to the terrible financial and critical performance of the 2011 Green Lantern film starring Ryan Reynolds, which is generally thought of as one of the worst superhero movies ever. After that weak effort, which Silverman acknowledges Warner Bros. did a bad job on, it seems WB is approaching that property with trepidation.

This is certainly disappointing for those hoping to see John Stewart before the announced Green Lantern Corps movie, which is scheduled for release quite a ways from now in 2020. However, it’s nice to see WB officials offer some clarity on the issue instead of leaving fans wondering for months, if not years.