Green Lantern Corps Annual #2 Review

on February 2, 2014

The giant-sized Green Lantern Corps Annual #2 has been released! Naturally, is going to give you a review.

Green Lantern Corps Annual #2 does have a clumsy structure and mediocre artwork, but there is so much saving grace in its imaginative world, thrilling space battle, great characters, re-introduction of villains not connected to Geoff Johns’ Emotional Spectrum or some Lantern offshoot, and the revival of a plot thread long abandoned in Green Lantern Corps with Von Daggle, that I can’t help but enjoy the heck out of this issue.

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The Durlan War is now in full force. We’ll see how things go for John Stewart and the other Lanterns in Green Lantern Corps #28, due February 12th!

Oa, by the way

I found an interesting article on about The Rock playing Green Lantern. It brings out some interesting points, many of which I’ve seen elsewhere and have pointed out here, but it mentions something I did not know. The Rock specifically expressed interest in playing John Stewart quite a while ago.

This is great news. The Rock is the biggest actor in Hollywood and he’s likely going to get what he wants. This is even more data pointing to The Rock being Green Lantern John Stewart in the DC Cinematic Universe! I’m quite excited about that. I’ll fill you in if I hear anything else. Check out the article here.

4 responses to “Green Lantern Corps Annual #2 Review”

  1. Hudson Faber says:

    Wow, it’s cool to see that the Rock is a John Stewart fan and has been for a while. He knows where it’s at.

  2. Desh says:

    Yeah, he’s acknowledged John Stewart quite a bit, which is a great sign. There has been so much mention of John in the rumor mill, and so many nods from The Rock, and no rumors about Hal Jordan at all, that I think JS fans can rest pretty easy.

  3. Aktivizz says:

    I just read a report that Geoff Johns will be a producer on this movie and that worries me.

    I do NOT want this to happen because I fear 2 things will go down.

    1) Everyone knows that Geoff Johns has a love for Hal Jordan and might somehow rework the script into bringing back Hal and eventually replacing John as the Green Lantern.

    2) Geoff having his hands all over the Green Lantern movie helped contributed to that films bombing. He doesn’t need to be in control of EVERYTHING! He’s already in control over the comic line, he does not need to be in control or have any input in this.

    But I will say that Geoff Johns was responsible for John Stewart’s constructs being unique and solid. So if he can put half of the love he gives to Hal into John than I guess it won’t all be bad.

    • Desh says:

      That is terrible news, indeed. Not only for John Stewart’s prospects, but also the quality of the film in general. I really can’t stand Johns or his work. Still, we know The Rock is locked up for something and he keeps name dropping John Stewart, so we still have good reason to hope for the best. The Rock is bigger than Geoff Johns. But still, bad news all around. All Johns does is ruin things.

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