Green Lantern Corps #37 Darwyn Cooke Variant Cover

on September 10, 2014

Darwyn Cooke Green Lantern Corps Variant

DC Comics’ variant covers for the December issues have been released, and as usual, there is a neat theme to them. This time, all the covers are illustrated by Darwyn Cooke. The Green Lantern Corps variant depicts a very awesome shot of John Stewart standing proudly at the head of the Corps. This is an excellent depiction of a PoC character. He looks strong, proud, and he’s front and center. I don’t like seeing them way in the back all the time, or presented as lesser than the other characters they’re around (see THIS image, which features a mangled Black character who is now a robot, surrounded by six other highly idealized White characters for an example of what not to do). What else is cool is that Katma Tui made it in the picture. It’s good to see her again!

You can view a larger image of the picture right here.

Oa, by the way

I always found these interviews with Darwyn Cooke to be entertaining and enlightening. He gives his thoughts on what is right and what is wrong with comics today.