Green Lantern Corps #36 Solicit

on August 19, 2014

DC has released their solicits for November 2014, and there are certainly big things on the horizon for Green Lantern John Stewart. Get a load of the cover art and solicit below for Green Lantern Corps #36:

Green Lantern Corps #36 Solicit

“GODHEAD, act 2, part 2: With Hal Jordan missing, John Stewart must take control of the Green Lanterns and rally the Indigo Tribe, the Red Lanterns and even the Sinestro Corps to work together, or the lone remaining Corps, the Star Sapphires, will be wiped out of existence by the New Gods! But leading the Greens is one thing – giving orders to Sinestro is something altogether different!”

It sounds like John Stewart will be taking command of most of the various Lantern Corps, and that the events of “Godhead” may very well include some of them being wiped out. I have a strong hunch that this event will lessen the scope and impact of the Emotional Spectrum and the different Corps (sans Green, of course) within the Green Lantern titles.

Also, for a while now, the theme of leadership has been strong in Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps. We may see some resolution where that is concerned. Will John Stewart end up leading the Green Lantern Corps? Will he wind up leading ALL the colored Corps? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Oa, by the way

Superhero Report Poll

The Twitter account Superhero Report is currently holding a poll about which Green Lantern people would want to see in the Justice League. Show your support for John Stewart by casting your vote for him.
Superhero Report Green Lantern Poll

I think polls like this are important because they help indicate that John Stewart has a large and passionate fanbase that wants to see him and is willing to buy products that feature him. I believe DC Comics has often made the mistake of gravely underestimating John Stewart’s fanbase and popularity, which has led to things like plotting to kill him and burying him in the comic books. The more John Stewart succeeds in these polls, the more people -including those at DC and WB- will realize there is a market for him and a strong desire to see him. John Stewart is currently leading the poll, but he can always use more support. You know what that means, John Stewart fans! Click on the link above and cast your votes for your favorite Green Lantern!