Green Lantern Corps #36 Review

on November 14, 2014

“Godhead” moves forward. Check out what Green Lantern is doing in the latest installment of the epic crossover, Green Lantern Corps #36.

“I guess I can understand Van Jensen’s run not speaking to someone if they dislike John Stewart, or don’t like Green Lantern, but I would never be able to understand someone who says these comics are bad, or even just okay. The amount of heart, care, skill, and foresight that goes into them is undeniable. I’ve never had so much fun with Green Lantern comics before!”

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Oa, by the way

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham was released recently. Here is some footage of gameplay featuring John Stewart.

I love how in the menu, he’s not listed as “Green Lantern,” but rather as “John Stewart,” because clearly only Hal Jordan is the real Green Lantern [/sarcasm]. I only nitpick like this because I care. I do it because I want DC and WB to do better. If they want to be more inclusive to an entire certain demographic of people, then they need to stop presenting their most beloved Black character as not the real version, less than, the substitute, the secondary guy, a supporting character, and so on.

Believe me, I congratulate them when they do good! It’s great that John is there at all. And I love Michael, Supergirl’s new love interest. However, I feel that when they make advancements, oftentimes they don’t go as far with them as they can, which gives me a feeling that they’re doing them begrudgingly. As if they’re doing them only because they have to. I never got that feeling from Bruce Timm and company’s famous Justice League cartoons.

Let the Black guy shine. Is that too much to ask? I think this Darwyn Cooke variant cover is so great because that’s exactly what Cooke let John Stewart do in the image. Cooke didn’t hold John back to put a White character in front of him, or something of the sort.

I hope you’re listening, DC and WB. People actually want you to do better, because they love your characters. However, it seems you still have some difficulty moving into the 21st century. I point out these “little” things because you may or may not notice what you’re doing, but it does make a big difference to some people, and I don’t want you to believe we’re all satisfied with such displays. It’s not that all of us are impossible to satisfy. We’re not. You just need to handle the characters as if you’re totally proud of them, like you are your best White heroes. That’s really all it would take.