Green Lantern Corps #36 Preview

on November 8, 2014

Green Lantern Corps #36 Preview!

The preview for the next entry in both the “Godhead” crossover and the Green Lantern Corps series is out. It looks like in Green Lantern Corps #36, John Stewart will finally take command of not only the Green Lantern Corps, but of all the various colored Corps. I’m very happy to see this character finally get his due. Check out the preview at ComicVine.Com:
Exclusive Preview: GREEN LANTERN CORPS #36 (Godhead)

I am concerned about the future of Van Jensen’s Green Lantern Corps run, however. BleedingCool.Com has reported a rumor that the DC Comics writers are being asked to finish up their stories and that DC is asking for new pitches that employ “daring, blue sky thinking.”

“This was similar to instructions given to comic book creators before the New 52 reboot back in 2011. Will there be another reboot in May or June?

No. Instead, creators are being asked to submit pitches that are ‘daring’ and to employ ‘ blue sky thinking’. Impressed by the commercial success of Harley Quinn and Batgirl, and critical sucess of Gotham Academy, the beancounters have been persuaded that a little more individual thinking might reap benefits. Indeed, those books may have been part of an early attempt to mix things up and see what happened. And creators, used to having to present certain kinds of stories to the bosses under certain criteria, expecting to see the edges knocked off, are being asked to let loose in a similar manner.”

DC Comics Ask Creators For ‘Daring, Blue Sky Thinking’ Pitches After The Band Aid – Think Batgirl, Gotham Academy And Harley Quinn

If this is true, what does it mean for Bernard Chang, Van Jensen, and Marcelo Maiolo’s Green Lantern Corps run? Will they quickly finish up their “Shadow Empire” story and call it quits on the John Stewart character, to make way for a new creative team with a “daring” new direction? I certainly hope not. I like the idea of what DC is planning with this “blue sky” thing. The thought process is good and needed, and I am tired of how Green Lantern Corps is constantly being linked with Green Lantern and caught up in crossovers. But Van Jensen, Bernard Chang, and Marcelo Maiolo are the definitive creators for John Stewart to me, and I’d hate to see them go. I’d like to see Jensen continue to develop John Stewart while not being burdened with crossover after crossover. The character has a team that likes and understands him. The best thing for John is to let those creators have a long, defining run with him.

Anyway, that’s just me expressing concerns about a possibility, based on a rumor. There has been nothing official suggesting their run is ending. Pick up Green Lantern Corps #36 on November 12.