Green Lantern Corps #25 Updates John Stewart’s Origin.

on August 9, 2013

Green Lantern Corps #25 Cover

Even more cool news! The “Zero Year” tie-in for November’s upcoming “Green Lantern Corps” #25 will be a full fledged John Stewart origin story. “Green Lantern Corps” writer, Van Jensen, drops plenty of interesting quotes on us in an interview conducted with IGN, while unveiling the cover of issue #25, pictured above.

“No one pushed the crossover down our throats. The Batman editors just let other editors know that Zero Year was happening, and they offered the chance to do a crossover if it would benefit our books in terms of story. And when we thought about it, very quickly we saw an opportunity to tell what amounts to a John Stewart origin story.”

Awesome! This is the first time that John will get an updated origin story. Seeing as how his history has been changed so much with the marine retcon, and the business that went on in “Wrath of the First Lantern,” updating his origin is only appropriate. I hope it is tweaked so that it has nothing to do with Hal Jordan, so that it will shut up certain people who fear John Stewart and try to discredit him by saying that he has no origin, or that his origin is completely dependent on Hal Jordan.

Van Jensen lets us know that this isn’t completely coming out of nowhere. This story has relevance for what is going on in the current stories found within “Green Lantern Corps.”

“We’re seeing him grapple with the challenge of serving in a Corps that has lost its way. In this Zero Year crossover, we’re taking a look at a point in his past with the Marine Corps when he underwent a similar crisis of confidence. So it hasn’t been a struggle at all to keep the story relevant.”

November 13th can’t come soon enough! Check out the full interview with IGN here:
IGN Interview.

I’m not going to lie, though… Some small part of me was kind of hoping John would show up with an afro :p

Oa, by the way

Earlier, I made a post about John Stewart and Wally West’s less than great treatment by DC Comics in recent times. Instead of just lingering on the negative, I thought it would be nice to post some heartwarming moment shared by two of my favorite superheroes. Enjoy!

Wally and John

Wally and John

And last but not least, the Flash Mobile!