Green Lantern Annual #2 Review

on October 31, 2013

“Lights Out” concludes, and returns with a review of Green Lantern Annual #2.
Let’s found out how the daring first event with the new creative team went.

“Green Lantern Annual #2 has me eagerly awaiting Green Lantern Corps #25 to discover where things go from here. Though some readers will leave, there are also many like myself, who walked away from Green Lantern during Johns’ run. I urge those people to look into the franchise again, because it’s made clear that Green Lantern has not only taken a real new direction, but much of the damage caused by Geoff Johns is being reversed.”

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Stay tuned for more John Stewart content. After the events of “Lights Out,” I’m sure there are plenty of interesting things in store for Green Lantern John Stewart.

Oa, by the way

If you haven’t heard yet, it seems that Carol Ferris may be in love with Kyle Rayner! This seems to have ruffled not only the feathers of Hal Jordan, but also some Green Lantern fans. In light of this event, I decided to post about the time when Carol Ferris was in love with… John Stewart!

I guess she can’t get enough of them Lanterns!