on July 20, 2013

One of the most legendary Green Lanterns. Tomar-Re was a scientist on the planet Xudar before becoming Green Lantern of Space Sector 2813. He carried great respect among his native Xudarians, who came to fully trust and revere the Green Lantern Corps. He was also great friends with Abin Sur and was saddened to hear of his demise.

After many years of exemplary service to Sector 2813, Tomar-Re was selected to join the Green Lantern Corps Honor Guard. He was one of three Division commanders when the Corps battled Krona and Nekron. Stewardship of his Sector was passed to Dalor of Timron.

Tomar-Re’s dying act was passing his ring to John Stewart.

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, when waves of anti-matter tore through the universe, threatening to destroy all of it, the Central Power Battery on Oa was attacked by the evil Anti-Monitor and all Oan power rings were rendered inoperable. Tomar gathered a group of Green Lanterns aboard a star ship at his disposal and rocketed to Oa to investigate the disturbance. When they arrived, they saw fifteen of the Guardians of the Universe held in stasis by the Central Battery, and then the battery struck at the Green Lanterns as well. When the beam released hold and the rings began working again, the Green Lanterns learned of the split amongst the Guardians, with some seeking to take action to stop the Crisis and others resolved to let the universe come to an end. Those attempting to stop it elected Guy Gardner as their champion, and sent him on a mission to attack the white spot of Qward’s dark moon; the birthplace of the Anti-Monitor. They believed doing so would significantly weaken the Anti-Monitor.

When John Stewart arrived on Oa, the Central Power Battery possessed Tomar-Re and through him it warned the Guardians that the plans involving Guy Gardner would not weaken the Anti-Monitor, but release him from his material ties, thus making him even stronger.

The Green Lantern Corps left for Qward to stop Guy Gardner and his force, which consisted of various Earthly and cosmic criminals. Tomar turned over command of the mission to John Stewart, as the young Earthman was already used to fighting the Anti-Monitor’s forces, having earlier been recruited to do so by the cosmic being known as Harbinger. At Qward’s moon, the Corps engaged in a large battle between Guy Gardner’s forces and the defending Weaponers of Qward. They stopped Guy Gardner from attacking the white spot on the dark moon, but many were killed in the battle. Tomar-Re was terribly wounded by the Earth villain called Goldface.

As his dying act, he selected John Stewart to become his successor. The ring John was wearing, which belonged to Abin Sur and then Hal Jordan, slid off his finger and returned to Hal Jordan, thus making Jordan a Green Lantern again. After which, Tomar’s ring fixed itself to John’s finger. For a long while, the ring John Stewart used was the ring of Tomar-Re.

Tomar has always been one of the best Green Lanterns to me. He was honored with the character Tomar-Tu, who went on to become the Green Lantern of Sector 2813. Tomar-Re is a very important character to John Stewart, as, in some ways, John is his successor.

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