Tawny Young

on July 20, 2013


A reporter for K.L.A.Q. In Los Angeles. Tawny Young’s most notable contribution to John Stewart’s story was revealing his secret identity on television.

John first met Tawny Young when the Baldwin Hills dam was under attack by Major Disaster. Tawny was daringly covering the story on-site with her news crew. She was curious about the new Green Lantern and John offered to tell her more about himself over dinner. After that incident, the two went on a date, but John didn’t give up much information about himself, and this frustrated Tawny. Perhaps feeling as if her time was being wasted, she dumped a bowl of spaghetti over John’s head and left.


Tawny was a short-lived love interest of the new Green Lantern.

That wasn’t the end of their relationship, however. They had apparently been seeing each other and John felt he was in love with Tawny. He decided to tell her who he really was. Not long after, John saw Tawny’s television report in which she unveiled his identity to the world. John felt very betrayed by this, and ended his relationship with Tawny.

She would continue to habitually pop up in John’s life, as she covered stories involving the Green Lantern Corps of Earth when they were based in Los Angeles. She eventually became an annoyance as she included an anti-alien sentiment to her reports concerning the Green Lantern Corps of Earth, which was made up largely of aliens. Her hounding of the Green Lantern Corps eventually caused Kilowog to literally punch her, but he knew just how much force to apply to keep from seriously injuring her. Tawny was secretly jealously upset when John married Katma Tui.

Most recently, she was seen hosting a talk show with Vicky Vale.

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