on July 20, 2013


He is the Green Lantern of Space Sector 1418 and a constant pessimist. Salaak of planet Slyggia is meticulously concerned with laws and protocol, and much less with being amiable or polite.

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, he protected his Sector along with the neighboring Sector 1417, which was under Katma Tui’s jurisdiction. When the Guardians of the Universe stopped administrating the Green Lantern Corps, Salaak went to Earth to live with a group of other Green Lanterns, including John Stewart and Katma Tui. During this time, he became good friends with Ch’p, the Green Lantern of H’lven. He assumed the role of Pol Manning when people from the 58th century needed a champion. They meant to grab Hal Jordan, as they had in the past, but ended up getting Salaak instead. After saving the Solar Council, Salaak decided to stay in the future and he married a human woman named Iona Vane, who had been the love interest of Hal Jordan when he had assumed the role of Pol Manning earlier.

While in the future, Salaak learned that the Corps was destroyed as a result of Sinestro’s execution. He journeyed back to the past to warn the other Lanterns, but he was too late. The Corps had already killed Sinestro for his heinous crimes against the universe.

Salaak’s ring was inoperable and with nothing left to turn to, he went to live with Ch’p on H’lven. When the Green Lantern Corps was starting up again, the duo journeyed to Oa to request re-entry. They spent time with John Stewart on Oa, which by this point had become known as the Mosaic World. Ch’p was killed and Salaak moped around during his stay on the Mosaic, until he helped guide John Stewart to the truth about the Mosaic World and of himself. Salaak was instrumental in assisting John in realizing his full potential and becoming the first mortal Guardian of the Universe.

After those events, the Corps and Guardians were destroyed and Salaak was captured by slavers, but he was later rescued by Guy Gardner.


The former Administrator has become very suspicious after the Guardians’ betrayal.

When the Corps was started up for a third time, Salaak was promoted to Senior Administrator, Protocol Officer, and keeper of the Book of Oa. He was the highest ranking Green Lantern, second in command to the Guardians of the Universe.

The Guardians enacted a secret plan to destroy the Green Lantern Corps when they deemed the Corps flawed due to their emotion and free will. They conspired to wipe the Corps out through use of their emotionless Third Army. Salaak and Kilowog discovered this plot, but the Guardians caught Salaak spying on them. They captured and detained him. In a battle with the Green Lantern Corps, the Guardians drew power from the First Lantern, and in so doing, freed an ancient being known as Volthoom, whom they had imprisoned.

Volthoom and the Third Army were defeated, and the Guardians were killed in the ordeal, but it all came at a heavy cost to the Green Lantern Corps. Salaak is crushed at having been betrayed by the Guardians, and some Green Lanterns accuse him of having been in league with the Guardians, due to his closeness with them. As such, Salaak resigned from his position as Protocol Officer and dedicates his time to seeking out hidden projects the Guardians may have left behind, which may still harm the Corps. Salaak has become very paranoid.

One interesting thing about Salaak is that his head gets redesigned every so often. Sometimes his head is designed so that his eyes are in the front, and other times they’re set much further back. Ch’p affectionately refers to him as pickle head.

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