on July 20, 2013


Though Kilowog is large and hulking, he’s not your stereotypical “big guy” in comics. He is a brilliant scientist specializing in the field of genetics. He hails from the planet Bolavax Vik in Space Sector 674, and became the trainer of the new Green Lantern recruits. He lost his planet in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, which took a great toll on him, but even moreso due to his people’s communal lifestyle. To be alone was one of the worst things imaginable for one of his species. He did manage to save the billions and billions of inhabitants, in a sense, by collecting their life essence within his power ring.

Things got even worse for him when the Guardians ended their direct leadership over the Corps and left for another dimension to be with their Zamaron mates. Kilowog’s time instructing recruits on Oa came to an end, and he relocated to Earth, where other Green Lanterns, including John Stewart, had set up a base.


Kilowog and John Stewart are great friends.

Due to his species’ style of living, Kilowog found communist Russia especially appealing. He lived there for a time and helped create a super powered Russian force called the Rocket Red Brigade. After some time living in Russia, however, Kilowog found the government flawed and left, finding a world in Space Sector 872, which would be a suitable world for his people.

He called them forth from his ring and the world was populated with his race. The renegade Green Lantern Sinestro destroyed the world and its inhabitants with the aid of an evil sentient galaxy, which drove Kilowog insane for a time. He found comfort in the other Green Lanterns, but especially in Arisia. Not long after this, the Green Lantern Corps was disbanded when they executed Sinestro. Due to certain systems set in place, killing him caused their power rings to cease functioning.

The Corps was brought back and Kilowog became the drill instructor for new recruits once again. After the Corps suffered heavy losses at the hands of the Guardians of the Universe and The First Lantern, Salaak resigned from being the Protocol Officer of the Corps. He requested that Kilowog take his place. Kilowog agreed, and now John Stewart fills Kilowog’s old position as being the one in charge of training the new recruits.

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