26th November 2015

Green Lantern Corps Film Said to be Hal Jordan and John Stewart Team-Up

According to CosmicBookNews.Com, the upcoming Green Lantern Corps movie is described as:

“Hal Jordan and John Stewart in a ‘Lethal Weapon in space’ team-up.”

I have no idea whether there is any weight behind this rumor. From what I’ve heard, Cosmic Book News isn’t really the most reliable source, but I don’t really know.

I honestly think teaming John Stewart with Hal Jordan is a terrible idea. First of all, it seems like a desperate attempt by certain behind the scenes people who love Hal Jordan to find a way to still have him in the films, since John Stewart is likely inevitable at this point, given all the rumors we’ve heard about John.

Some may wonder, “Why only have John Stewart, when you can make both fanbases happy?”

In answer, team-ups between John Stewart and Hal Jordan have never worked to John’s benefit. John is typically portrayed as the Black Best Friend while Hal Jordan gets to be the glamorous star, and I’m personally not interested in watching that. One thing that DC and WB need to realize is that attempting to unite Hal Jordan and John Stewart fans is futile and pointless. I’m not saying this because I enjoy the conflict. I’m saying this because it’s realistic, and having been involved in the conflict probably about as much as anyone can be, I’m pretty confident I know where both sides are coming from.

You can’t get me to like Hal Jordan, because I just don’t care for that character, and I know many John Stewart fans who feel the same way. Teaming John up with Hal Jordan is not going to do any good, especially if–like so many of their team-ups–John is taking a backseat to Hal Jordan.

We’re essentially dealing with two completely different fanbases. They are not looking for the same things. They are not stimulated by the same things. I’d like to use the Tom King written Justice League Green Lantern: Darkseid War one-shot comic that was recently released. On the internet, the Hal Jordan fans I witnessed had nothing but glowing praise for it. When I looked over at the John Stewart fanbase, who were fooled into looking into the book due to an incredibly misleading solicitation, they hated it.

On the flipside, there’s the Green Lantern: Lost Army series, which recently concluded. I love it! I have not seen many hardcore John Stewart fans who don’t enjoy it. The Hal Jordan fandom, however? Typically, at best, it’s just okay, and from what I’ve seen, most of them don’t seem to care for it. John Stewart fans love the flashbacks that shed light on John’s time in the military, while Hal Jordan fans think they’re a waist of space.

What stimulates a Hal Jordan fan does not necessarily stimulate a John Stewart fan, and may actually repel them, and vice versa. Attempting to unite both factions is a wasted effort that may actually divide them further.

In the cinematic universe, I believe the best thing WB can do is commit to a single Earth Green Lantern, and considering Hal Jordan’s last effort bombed so horribly, that Lantern should be John Stewart, who is immortalized by the phenomenal Justice League cartoon series. The stipulation someone put in place that John Stewart cannot appear in any media unless Hal Jordan is present needs to be trashed entirely. WB needs to let John Stewart off the leash, pull him out from behind Hal Jordan’s shadow, and let him be all he can be, like Bruce Timm did in the cartoons, to great success.

Share your thoughts on this development below. I’m interested in hearing what others think of this.

24th November 2015

Green Lantern: Lost Army #6 Review

The Green Lantern: Lost Army series wraps up. Check out the GreenLantern.Co review of issue #6, which includes some thoughts on the series as a whole, and what I’d like to see from the sequel Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion.

This final issue gets me really pumped for Edge of Oblivion while also making me miss Lost Army, and I think those are the best feelings it could have left me with. Cullen Bunn pushes the story along pleasingly and Jesus Saiz will take your breath away with every page. While there are things I wish Lost Army had done more of—I don’t know if Bunn would have gotten to them if he had the time—I highly recommend this entire series.

Read more.

17th November 2015

Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion #2 Solicitation

The DC Comics solicitations for the month of February 2016 are out, and of particular interest to John Stewart fans is Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion #2.

As space begins to collapse around them, the Green Lanterns find there are many threats at the end of a dying universe. Some of those threats may even hide among the refugees the Lanterns now protect.

I don’t know if this cover is supposed to pay homage to Green Lantern Corps (Vol.1) #218, but that is what I’m reminded of when I look at this image. It looks like the frog-like Lantern Lok has managed to make it on another cover, which surprises me a little.

I’m disappointed that there won’t be a variant cover for this issue. I’m going to assume the rest of the issues in this series will follow that practice. This cover marks the first look at Ethan Van Sciver’s art for this series. I’m not sure if this is the best image to judge, with it featuring a ghastly looking John Stewart and all. In any event, I’m certainly looking forward to picking this one up, and you should be, too!

Green Lantern: Lost Army #6 Preview

The preview for the final issue of Green Lantern: Lost Army is out and it looks stunning. I’ve said it before; I think Jesus Saiz is the best I’ve seen at rendering John Stewart. I am really going to miss him. There is a glaring error in that Oliversity, who was killed by Verrat Din in Green Lantern Corps #33 is present at the battle seen in the preview. I suppose whoever placed him there can get out of this by saying that the character in the preview isn’t really Oliversity, but the individual who the ring sought out as his replacement. Myself, I think someone just goofed. Check out the preview at the link below, and be sure to pick this issue up on Wednesday November 18. Let’s hope that Lost Army ends with something majorly significant and awesome!


10th November 2015

Green Lantern: Darkseid War #1 Preview

The preview for Green Lantern: Darkseid War #1 is up at In this preview we see John Stewart and the Green Lantern Corps in a pulverized state as John spends his supposed final moments reaching out to an absent Hal Jordan, telling of his great defeats. If that doesn’t sound terribly appealing, you’re not alone. Aside from Doc Shaner’s art skills, I really don’t enjoy this preview, and it’s an example of why I expressed trepidation when the solicitation to Justice League #48 was released, and when I first heard John would participate in a Geoff Johns event alongside Hal Jordan. I always knew that there was great potential for this event to be terribly damaging to John Stewart, and what’s seen here isn’t particularly promising. That said, this is only a five page preview, so a lot can still happen. This issue will be out this coming Wednesday, November 11.

Exclusive Preview: Wednesday’s ‘Justice League: Darkseid War: Green Lantern’