6th February 2015

DC Comics Summer Overhaul: Green Lantern: Lost Army Announced

DC Comics has released news about their new slate of titles that will emerge in the wake of their “Convergence” event and move to Burbank, California from New York City. DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio says this will mark the end of the “New 52” and that DC is putting special emphasis on diversity in their books and among their creators, which is good news for John Stewart fans, since John is their most popular PoC character (although DC might like to keep pretending that Cyborg is).

We don’t know how these changes will specifically affect John Stewart. We do know that his current book Green Lantern Corps will be cancelled in March. It should be noted that this isn’t due to sales, as the book is selling admirably, especially for featuring a Black lead character. This cancellation is likely to do with DC restructuring their line of Lantern titles. The Green Lantern title is slated to continue, and with the creative team of Robert Venditti and Billy Tan still intact.

There is a new Lantern book on the way titled Green Lantern: Lost Army, written by Sinestro writer Cullen Bunn, and with art by Jesus Saiz and Javi Pina. I have a hunch that this will be the spiritual successor to Green Lantern Corps, so there is a good chance that we may find John Stewart there post-“Convergence.” That said, there is also the possibility that John Stewart will take the lead in Robert Venditti’s Green Lantern. Recently, DC Comics released a notice in their comics giving hints to what they plan on doing with the Green Lantern titles, and for Hal Jordan, it was said that “The ring will no longer be the thing.” We know there is a huge status quo change on the way for the Lantern titles, and the solicitation for Green Lantern #40 says that Hal Jordan will betray the Green Lantern Corps. This could be sensationalism, but signs are pointing to Jordan forsaking his ring and undergoing a huge change. If he will no longer use a ring and betrays the Corps, can he be “Green Lantern?” If not, that opens up the possibility for someone else filling the role in Green Lantern, and the most likely candidate is John Stewart.

While there is very interesting news here, we’re still left not knowing exactly where things sit for the Green Lantern characters, as in who will appear where, and who will and won’t be “Green Lantern.” One thing we are sure of – and I’m sad to say – is that Van Jensen and Bernard Chang won’t be returning to Green Lantern books for this re-launch. I think it is really regrettable for DC not to use them when they’re using other talent like Billy Tan instead, whose art is widely criticized. And while I have nothing against Cullen Bunn, I wonder why he is writing two Lantern titles –Green Lantern: Lost Army and Sinestro– when Van Jensen is still there and when Jensen’s Green Lantern Corps sold solid numbers, usually outdoing Sinestro. From my vantage point, I don’t get it, but I’m not a behind the scenes guy. Maybe Bunn had an especially grand pitch. I don’t know.

Let’s hope for the best, John Stewart fans. These following months could prove extremely crucial for John and his status in the DC Universe.

Oa, by the way

Lance Reddick from John Wick has expressed interest in playing Green Lantern John Stewart. Honestly, he doesn’t really strike me as a great fit for John, but I think it’s excellent that all these actors are publicly expressing interest in playing the character. That’s the kind of stuff that makes its way to the ears of Warner Bros. executives. There must be something very special about the character if so many fans and industry professionals are dying to have him. I don’t see this type of clamor for… say… Cyborg. Check out this article on Comicbook.Com for more information:
Lance Reddick expresses interest in John Stewart.

In other news, ComicVine.Com’s John Stewart coverage continues. The results for their Battle of the Week are in, and it looks like John edged out a victory against Magneto, thanks to voters like you!
Battle of the Week RESULTS: Green Lantern (John Stewart) vs. Magneto

ComicVine has also asked fans and industry pros to send in art for the character. See more below!
Draw John Stewart

We may have won “Character of the Month,” but keep that passion and enthusiasm going, fans. Keep spreading the word about these features and GreenLantern.Co.

3rd February 2015

Comic Vine Battle of the Week: Green Lantern (John Stewart) vs. Magneto + John Stewart’s First Fight as a Green Lantern

In case you missed it, John Stewart is the ComicVine.Com Character of the Month for February. This is thanks to fans like you voting John into the spot, and past other characters like Cyborg and Black Panther. Comic Vine released an official statement about John’s victory that makes special note of the huge fan support we gave the character. Check that out here:
February 2015 Character of the Month: Green Lantern (John Stewart)

Like the article says, Comic Vine will be running numerous features about John Stewart, and the first of which is a character battle against Magneto. The winner will, once again, be decided by voting, so head over to Comic Vine to continue showing your support for our favorite Green Lantern. Remember, there are people seeking to undermine him at every possible turn. Let’s counter them with our enthusiasm. The voting closes February 6th at 5:00 am.
Battle of the Week: Green Lantern (John Stewart) vs. Magneto

Also on Comicvine is an article that goes over John Stewart’s earliest adventures:
John Stewart’s First Fight as a Green Lantern

GreenLantern.Co will keep you up to date with Comic Vine’s coverage of John Stewart, and there will be a special celebration of the character in regards to Black History Month on this very site, so keep on the look out.

Oa, by the way

John Stewart fans have taken to Youtube. Our very own Hudson Faber has started a Youtube Channel dedicated to John Stewart, which you can find right here:
Green Lantern John Stewart Youtube Channel

Here are some highlights for you to check out.

John Stewart battles the cosmic despot Despero. This is one of my favorite fights from Justice League. John Stewart totally takes the leading man role in the episode “Hearts and Minds,” in which he gets the girl (or at least gets considerably closer to getting her) and has a flashy showdown with the main antagonist.

John Stewart’s creator, the legendary artist Neal Adams, recounts the creation of John Stewart. I never get tired of listening to Neal Adams’ John Stewart stories. He’s also fully aware of the huge impact the character has had.

John Stewart re-unites with his old friend, Rex Mason, who becomes Metamorpho. The adult storytelling, A+ voice acting, and polished lounge music are all signs of the sophistication of this action cartoon show.

Be sure to like the videos and subscribe to the channel!